Steam Tower by NetEnt envelops the steampunk genre in an interesting interpretation slightly far away from what Jules Verne and George Wells bequeathed to a broad reading auditory. Originally the theme occurred from quite humble beginnings as a science-fiction department (quite peculiar for the time) having no precise definitions with regard to genre hierarchy of characteristic elements, but with the very short course of time the whole subject has evolved into a completely phenomenal culture and new fixed arrangements have been finally found.  Steampunk always takes place in a parallel in alternativity world where steam is the only source of technological industry, so that steam-powered machinery is shown as an advanced breakthrough that is, actually, a comparable compound to the modern narrative called cyberpunk only instead of high-tech computer systems steam stands out in the foreground. NetEnt presented their finest attempt on conveying the genre from gambling perspective and embodied essential steampunk principles in their slots game – http://slotmine.com/steam-tower/ – which is not void of authenticity and special atmosphere.

Basically, Steam Tower begins storytelling from a thematically dressed man standing next to the high tower with a steam-running weapon, and, god, he looks more than just formidable. The background setup definitely reminds of authentic Victorian 19th century period, yet filtered through NetEnt’s image of the genre, so real steampunk devotees shouldn’t be overwhelmingly mad at the developing company as it doesn’t really seem that Net Entertainment tried hard to cover the theme from head to toe. Nevertheless, the steam weaponeer embarks on an honored journey in order to save a young damsel in distress captured by the devilish dragon at the very top of this high tower. Well, classic prince-princess fairytales were apparently passed through the grindstone of steampunk, and Steam Tower slot’s plot is ready to hit screens. Overall, we can’t deny the fact that the game leaves an impression of an intriguing twist, and NetEnt obviously demonstrated their limitless range of creativity with setting such an unusual storyline across the genre.

No doubt that Steam Tower slot is a game looking graphically attractive with a couple of captivating moments in terms of the main course of gameplay. The cinematic machine offers to play traditional slotting action on a five-reeled layout integrating 15 fixed paylines. Aside from classics around the gameplay, NetEnt also took care of additional features to branch out bonus payouts in the form of two different in functioning Wildcards and amazing free-spin mini-game divided into separate sections and levels. One unsatisfying aspect about Steam Tower is a slight lack of various in-game symbols provided as only 8 icons half of which are boring playing card pictures while the other half represents main story characters – the steamy gentlemen, his charming damsel, the atrocious dragon and the major place of action – the Steam Tower where all narrative heroes fight for something valuable for them.

Interesting features

Casino players will be able to take advantage of two major gameplay features which are Wildcards and Free Spins. But don’t skeptically raise your eyebrow reading these surely default bonus moments especially after long praises towards amazing featurising in the overview, because nothing is what it really seems. To start with, Wildcards wouldn’t pull all the same selection of standard functions while Free Spins are arranged in an unusual level-up action with exclusive parameters like Tower Meter and Floor Meter showing how close the man get to his wonderful ‘princess’. Besides, both base game and bonus action were loaded with ‘only there’ features different from each other whenever you jump from one game mode to another. Steam Tower diligently persists in a holding an image of an exceptional gaming option, so you won’t be disappointed with the bonus map on offer.

First flight attendants are above-mentioned Wildcards presented in two variations – old-time customary replacers and expanding icons covering reels so that the whole drum becomes overlain by the stacked package of icons. As for regular Wild symbols, Steam Tower provides no difference to habitual substituting when a Wildcard inserts itself into a pattern of matching symbols in order to extend combination for a larger payout sum. Illustrating, the function works the following way: some Wildcard is dropped onto the reels on the same payline as some regular symbols occupy, and the resulting outcome allows these Wilds to change their picture for them to suit the matching array. Consequently, the combination is expanded by the number of Wilds appearing in the line, and you get rewarded according to the resultant pattern of symbols including Wildcards. Plain as it is, and extremely useful especially when more than one Wild take part in substitution process.

Expanding (a.k.a. Stacked) Wilds follow in the footsteps of classic approach, but take another turn in functions. First of all, Expanding Wilds take over responsibilities of a Scatter symbol meaning they can also perform as free-game triggers where gamblers need simply one icon for some fun to start. More than that, Expanders are all-mighty Wildcards able to overlay the entire reel with a stack of similar cards which comes in handy to form a few matching patterns simultaneously as all items in the stack act independently of one another. Unfortunately, witnessing overlaying action is a privilege of the main game that is quite logical regarding that Expanders serve as Scatters while regular Wilds also bring free spins during the bonus game. Too many bonus activators per gaming square metre, so NetEnt decided that Steam Tower slots game keeps it separately.

However, this is not the end of a complete story because Expanding Wilds will bring lucrative free rounds filled with astounding gameplay elements. In general, Steam Tower commences a round trip along featured free-spin games that is continued in many other NetEnt’s slot production like The Drive or rock series machines. Majorly speaking, free rounds are organised in the shape of plank raising action where you move along three factors – Multipliers, Floor Meter and Tower Meter (displays the two previous values in one info bar). Being surely unconventional, Steam Tower slot’s Free Rounds are worth discussing, so read the next chapter about the bonus game to find out what to expect from it.

Bonus rounds

Well, Steam Tower bonus action sets off from the base game when at least one Stacked Wildcard covers the entire drum. As soon as the requirement is met, the machine will award you with 10 initial Free Spins. Overall, free-spin mode here has a little different interpretation because spins are based on level raising where you fill multiplier and ‘tower-story’ level to get to the highest apex. In the beginning, you are given the first level of multiplication – x2 – and placed on the first floor in this tower hierarchy. The Tower Meter panel displays how large your multiplication is and which floor your are on. The aim is to mountain to the top floor and get rewarded with a bonus win of 1000 credits. Let’s firstly look at two interconnected values participating in tower ascending:


The Tower Multiplier is an easy-understandable in meaning function allowing to increase all winnings from the reels by the current value. When you set off from the base game, Steam Tower awards you with x2 multiplication which can be raised to x7 as you progress along the tower. The Multipliers work quite primitively: when you land a certain combination, the paytable value is going to be increased by the multiplication level. As soon as you reach the maximum, no more levels are provided.

Tower Floor


1 to 3


4 to 6


7 to 9


10 to 12


13 to 15





Starting with 10 Free Spins is not the biggest number of free rounds that you can fetch from the bonus mode because Wildcards will be serving as an adding factor. In case one or more Wildcards flash up anywhere on the drums, not only the floor the main character on is increased, but also the multiplication level is raised by one when you cross the borderline for the particular floor. In addition to that, Wildcards can dish out substitution if these symbols mix in the matching array of any regular icons. Wildcards will be adding 2 additional free spins to your bonus pot, so theoretically rounds could go very long in time because the only restricting factor about the bonus game is the number of spins you currently have.

Rules and features

Steam Tower slots are arranged in a 5-reel and 3-row grid having 15 different win-lines that are fixed to the number meaning there’s no option to change the embedded value. Nevertheless, wagering on 15-lined setup still provides a relatively wide range of stakes to be placed per one spinning round – you can stick to any comfortable value starting from 0.15 credits all the way up to 150 credits which is a great chance for high-rollers to show their coin potential. The main game’s goal is to catch winning combinations of symbols prescribed in the paytable, so that matching icons form a line (not necessarily continuous). In order to adjust wagers players can use two settings – bet level and coin value – which also serve additional functions. Bet level, for example, is a 10-scale value acting as an extra multiplier for all paytable digits, so when you are on default level no multiplication is applied payouts. Coin value is a basic denomination means increasing or decreasing bets and paid sums by the value.

Steam Tower doesn’t leave gamblers all alone around conventional spinning, so two additional features are offered during the course of gambling – Wildcard substitution and Free Spin rounds. Note that Wildcards come as Scatters as well meaning they pull double function in delivery to replace for regular symbols and activate bonus games. You can always utilise auto-play in order to put the process on an automatic mode where spins are implemented technically without your engagement. Autospin settings can be found below the reels. If you are still unsure about gaming rules, visit the information section by clicking the ‘question mark’ icon and you will be shown an additional window with all details about Steam Tower explained. The paytable icons are split in two groups – low-win and mid-win values – and the numbers for a default bet level appear as follows:






































NetEnt proposes to join an adventurous steam-man in his courageous deeds against the powerful Dragon which is already a very interesting setting for a video-slot machine. Whether you an actual fan of the steampunk genre or not, Steam Tower slot machine is an incredibly pleasant to eyes game where gamblers may enjoy being in the middle of 19th century action saving a dame from danger. It’s difficult not to love astonishing free spins and Wildcards serving double function because they guarantee handsome real money in the result. The machine is a perfect match for any player with any bankroll capacity not to mention that truly venturous nature of the game’s plot. It stands to reason why Steam Tower acquired a small army of followers, so if you don’t want to miss hotly designed gaming environment you should probably already be on your way to the nearest online casinos to check out the game. Authenticity is definitely promised.